When a severe weather day or school closure occurs during the formal exam schedule, January 24 to 30, 2020, all exams will be shifted forward one day (i.e. the exam schedule for Friday, January 24 would be shifted to Monday, January 27).

  • all examinations for the cancelled day will be postponed to the next school day. The January 31 PD Day will not be moved if a severe weather day or school closure occurs leading up to this date (moving the PD Day has significant impacts system wide).
  • the order and sequence of all examinations will remain the same as printed on the original schedule.

*The only change will be in the DATE of the examination.*

Therefore in the event of exam being shifted, semester II would start on Tuesday, February 4th.

To find out if weather is affecting the exam schedule, students and parents are advised to tune into one of our local radio/TV stations, follow us @WRDSB on Twitter and/or check the school board website at by 6:30 AM for any announced cancellations.