The deadline for students to bring in their “Course Selection Request Sheet” is Thursday, February 20th! Below is the message that has been posted on Guidance Google Classrooms for students:

Have you finished your course selections yet on MyWay ( The deadline for completing your course selections online is Wednesday, February 19th! It is important that you select wisely – course changes are extremely difficult and often times result in being placed on a waitlist. It is also very important to select the appropriate level based on recommendations provided in the Course Calendar and by your subject teacher to ensure success in your courses.

On THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20th, students are to bring their PRINTED & SIGNED “MyWay Course Selection Request Sheet” to school. Classes will be called down to hand-in their forms to their Guidance Counsellor.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for Co-op, it is located under the “Dual Credit/OYAP” section on MyWay.

Course Selection information can be found here (under the “Guidance” tab – click on the “Course Selection Information” link).

Please book an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor if you have any questions!

Do you have a student not returning to WCI in September? If so, Guidance needs your help! Please encourage your student to visit MyWay ( and enter one of the following codes based on their destination for next year:

1) Entering college in September, use code: NRETC
2) Starting work or an apprenticeship, use code: NRETW
3) Entering university in September, use code: NRETU
4) Moving to another school board in September, use code: NRETM
5) Entering college or university at a later date, use code: NRETD

Thank you for your assistance.