The deadline for Course Selections has been moved to MONDAY, MARCH 15th.

The following message was posted in the Guidance Google Classrooms today.  (If your student has not yet joined their grade’s Guidance Google Classroom, please visit the WCI Guidance webpage to join.)

Guidance has been having great conversations with students about courses and pathways planning. If you still want to meet with your counsellor, this will give you time to do so. If counsellors are ‘booked’ and have no availability, please keep checking as the booking schedule is only 4-5 days ahead. Be sure to record and set an alarm for your appointment time as there is no email reminder after you make your guidance appointment. You can also email your guidance counsellor with a brief question or two about course selections. To book an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor, please visit WCI’s Guidance webpage and click on your counsellor’s ‘ONLINE BOOKING LINK’.

1) ESL Course Selection Information:
The ‘Course Selection Process Infographic’ has been updated to include the ESL Course Selection Presentation and videos.
2) Professional Programs:
Interested in learning more about LAW, MEDICINE, TEACHER EDUCATION or REHABILITATION SCIENCE programs? Check out the main page of the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC): We’ve also added the link on the Infographic in the ‘Post-Secondary Pathways’ section.

If you are just getting started with your course selections, be sure to begin by watching your grade’s Course Selection video, in “STEP #1” on the ‘Course Selection Process Infographic’. Please visit the Course Selection Information webpage to access the INFOGRAPHIC.

1) There is NO SUBMIT button in MyWay. Once you ‘ADD’ a course in the ‘COURSE REQUESTS’ tab, the course is requested for you.
2) Even if you are graduating, you still need to select ‘Not Returning’ in MyWay. Please take a minute to do this task – thank you!

If you plan to take summer school, please email your Guidance Counsellor. The summer school course offerings and registration form will be available in May. Information will be posted in the Guidance Google Classrooms when it becomes available. Thanks so much, Vikings!

We are really enjoying connecting with you and encourage those that haven’t reached out to their Guidance Counsellor to do so over the next few weeks. Keep working hard in Quad 3 – we are proud of you!