Geotech Magnet Program

Geotechnology is the science and technology of gathering, analyzing, interpreting, distributing and using geographic information. Geotechnology encompasses a broad range of disciplines that can be brought together to create a detailed but understandable picture of the physical world and our place in it. These disciplines include surveying, mapping, remote sensing and the use of global positioning technology. Geotechnology is one of the fastest-growing technology sectors today and Canada is at its forefront. Canada’s geotechnology community is a recognized world leader in providing the software, hardware and value-added services that can help clients address problems and opportunities in such areas as the environment, land management and reform, development planning, infrastructure management, natural resource monitoring, sustainable development and coastal zone management and mapping.

Due in part to its advantageous location in Canada’s Technology Triangle, Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WCI) has built a strong geography program that introduces students to geographic information systems (GIS) technology starting in grade nine. Tools and technologies that are now commonplace in high school classrooms were available to students earlier at this public school, enabling the teaching staff to develop a time-tested, experiential curriculum that now serves as a model for other schools to follow. Upon graduation, students who specialize in GIS have developed strong critical-thinking and analysis skills along with solid university-level technical skills and real-world GIS work (ESRI Canada)

Students From Any School in Waterloo Region Can Apply

Any WRDSB student may apply to the WCI Geotechnologies Magnet Program. Applicants must demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in their grade 9 academic or applied level courses and should display a keen interest in geography related issues such as: global issues, the environment, technology, business, science and data management.

Waterloo Collegiate is recognized within the community for its strong program in Geography. Our Geographic Studies Lab, financed through a private donation and specifically designed for geographic studies, is a unique computer based facility unlike any other found in a Canadian public high school. WCI geography students also benefit from their co-op experiences in related industries. The Geography Department at the University of Waterloo has recognized the quality of WCI students enrolled in their programs and has a policy for preferential acceptance.

ESRI Canada also recognizes the significance of the WCI Geotechnology magnet program and has written a case study on the success of the program.


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