In 2012, the Ministry of Education announced that effective September 2013, a “cap” or threshold to the number of secondary credits for which a school board would receive full funding is to be implemented by school districts. The funding would provide for secondary students to take up to and including 34 secondary school credits, fully funded. Full funding for each student is needed to provide the important resources to support student learning.

We know that the Ministry’s announcement and the implementation timeframe have been difficult for everyone. We recognize that students – particularly those in grades 11 and 12 – may be concerned that they could be negatively impacted because of this unanticipated announcement. We are aware that the lack of information about this announcement has made planning difficult for students and staff.

We recently received further information from the Ministry of Education to assist with putting this change into action, and we have developed plans to assist those who would be most impacted for September 2013. These plans have been shared with school staff.

If you are currently a student in grade 11 or 12, and are considering attending secondary school for a fifth year, please discuss your plans with your Guidance counsellor as soon as possible. If you are entering secondary school in September 2013 as a grade 9 student or are in currently in grade 9 or 10 and anticipate that you might wish to return for a fifth year of high school, you should, as well, plan to speak with your Guidance counsellor to plan your pathway. Guidance counsellors, in cooperation with your secondary school Principal, will be able to assist you in planning your next steps to make sure you are able to develop an appropriate pathway towards achieving your secondary school diploma.

Please note that students will not be required to pay for those credits over and above the 34-credit threshold. It should also be noted that the intention of this change in direction from the Ministry of Education is to encourage more students to complete their secondary school diploma requirement of 30 credits for graduation in four years.

For more information, please contact MaryLou Mackie, Executive Superintendent of Education via phone 519 570 0003 or email marylou_mackie@wrdsb.on.ca.


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