Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) program consists of a number of enrichment courses and related examinations. These courses are comparable to University courses and therefore are rigorous and challenging. The AP program is an internationally recognized standard of academic excellence. Successful students may be granted advanced placement or credit at Universities. Students from other school catchment areas wishing to enroll at Waterloo Collegiate to take Advanced Placement Courses may do so after successfully enrolling in either the Strings Magnet, Extended French Magnet or ESL Magnet.

In order to offer Advanced Placement courses WCI has been audited to confirm that the courses meet or exceed a set of expectations established by University faculty.


Gain the Edge in University Preparation:

  • Get a head start on the calibre of work presented at University
  • Improve writing skills and sharpen problem-solving techniques
  • Develop the study habits necessary for tackling rigorous coursework

Stand Out in the University Admissions Process:

  • Emphasize commitment to academic excellence
  • Demonstrate maturity and readiness for University
  • Enhance personal information on University applications

Broaden Intellectual Horizons:

  • Explore the world from a variety of perspectives
  • Study subjects in greater depth and detail
  • Further skills in reasoning and analysis
  • Enhance comprehension and understanding of concepts


Students intending to apply must

  • Meet the requirements of the student profile
  • Consult with the subject teacher
  • Complete the application on-line
  • Non-WCI students are asked to have their current subject teacher complete the AP Teacher Reference Form  below and submit along with their registration documents.
  • Pay the non-refundable AP Course fee of CDN $110

Student Profile

  • Demonstrates academic excellence in the chosen subject area (has achieved over 85%)
  • Has superior academic potential
  • Displays an excellent command of spoken and written language
  • Has a well established work ethic and the willingness to work hard
  • Is enthusiastic, self-directed and capable of handling the accelerated pace of learning
  • Displays consistent personal initiative
  • Enjoys being challenged
  • Possesses curiosity about the subject of study
  • Demonstrates an intellectual curiosity over a broad range of interests
  • Enjoys involvement in the extracurricular life of the school and shows a willingness to assume leadership


English Literature and Composition

French Language


Physics B

WCI’s AP faculty team STRONGLY recommends the following limits:

  • Advanced Placement – 2 courses

If you wish for an exemption to our AP course limit policy, please complete and sign the AP Exemption Letter  and return to the Guidance Office by Thursday, May 3, 2018. 


Students enrolled in AP courses write the AP examination in the first two weeks of May. Waterloo Collegiate will coordinate the time and place of the examinations and direct students to resource materials. Exam marks are released to students at the beginning of July. Students may elect to inform Universities of their marks. The student is responsible for determining if credit in an AP course is acknowledged for advanced placement at individual post-secondary institutions.


The on-line application process will be discussed at the AP Assembly on April 25 . On-line applications will be open immediately following the assembly.  AP applications will be reviewed by a WCI Faculty Committee. Applicants can confirm the status of their application(s) by the end of May in MyWay.  Application deadline for equal consideration is May 3, 2018.  All other applicants will be wait listed and considered later in the year.

Non WCI students can submit the Non WCI Student AP_Pre-AP Application, one form for each subject.



live April 25 to May 3 – 12:00 pm