WCI AP Program

The WCI AP Program is made up of:

  • one (1) Grade 11 course:
    • SPH3UW – Physics 1
  • seven (7) Grade 12 courses:
    • SBI4UW Biology
    • SCH4UW Chemistry
    • SPH4UW Physics 2
    • ENG4UW English
    • FEF/FSF4UW French, and
    • MFH4UW/MCV4UW Calculus AB/BC.

Note: WCI does not offer AP exams other than those mentioned above. We also currently do not offer AP exam writing opportunities to students who are not in the WCI AP courses, or to students who do not attend WCI. Please contact the AP College Board to find out where you can write AP exams if you are not a student in our WCI AP courses. Regina Christian School - Advanced Placement


Gain the Edge in University Preparation:

  • Get a head start on the calibre of work presented at University
  • Improve writing skills and sharpen problem-solving techniques
  • Develop the study habits necessary for tackling challenging coursework

Stand Out in the University Admissions Process:

  • Emphasizes commitment to challenging academic excellence when completing supplemental forms for University applications
  • Gain self-confidence and demonstrate maturity/readiness for University 

Broaden Intellectual Horizons:

  • Explore the world from a variety of perspectives
  • Study subjects in greater depth and detail
  • Develop deeper level skills in reasoning and analysis
  • Enhance comprehension and understanding of concepts
  • (Potentially) earn Transfer Credits to University for high scores on AP Exams 

Ontario Universities and AP Transfer Credits

Note 1: Ontario/Canadian Universities ONLY see the first 5 characters of Course Codes (e.g. ENG4U) which means they will not know which courses you took at the AP Level. 

Note 2: A high score on the AP exam is the only factor which can lead to a Transfer Credit. 


Enrolling in AP courses at WCI happens during the course selection timeframe (i.e. January/February) each year.  To select AP courses, select the AP course in “My Blueprint” during course selections.  AP course codes end in a “W” (i.e. MHF4UW).

If you have any questions, please book an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor.

Student Profile:

  • Enjoys a challenge and can manage the stress of an added workload 
  • Has a well-established work ethic and possesses the willingness to work hard 
  • Is enthusiastic, self-directed and capable of handling the accelerated pace of learning
  • Demonstrates strong literacy and communication (verbal and written) skills 
  • Displays consistent personal initiative
  • Possesses resilience and self-advocacy skills 
  • Has a passion and curiosity for the subject of study
  • Demonstrates an intellectual curiosity over a broad range of interests
  • Demonstrates superior academic potential and displays academic excellence in the chosen subject area (achieves over 85%)


  1. English – ENG 4UW – > English Literature and Composition Exam 
  2. French – FEF/FSF 4UW – >  French Language & Culture Exam 
  3. Mathematics – MHF 4UW & MCV 4UW (student must sign up for both) -> Calculus (AB or BC) Exam


  1. Biology ->SBI4UW Exam 
  2. *Physics -> SPH 3UW (*Gr. 11) *Physics 1: Algebra-Based Exam 
  3. Physics SPH 4UW (3 potential exams) ->Physics 2: Algebra-Based, Physics C: Mechanics, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Exams 
  4. Chemistry -> SCH4UW Exam 

Please visit the AP College Board Exam Dates and Times site to see the AP Exam schedule. I love AP by khuzaie on DeviantArt


Students enrolled in AP courses (may) write the AP examination in the first two weeks of May. Waterloo Collegiate will coordinate the time and place of the examinations and direct students to resource materials. Exam marks are released to students at the beginning of July. Students may elect to inform universities of their marks. The student is responsible for determining if credit in an AP course is acknowledged for advanced placement at individual post-secondary institutions.

AP examinations are ordered in November/March and are to be paid for at the time of ordering.  The cost of each AP exam is $140 CDN.

If you have any questions about AP Exams or ordering please email Mrs. Nosal: Lindsay_Nosal@wrdsb.ca.Pencil For The Exam. Printed School Test Stock Image - Image of learning, erasing: 165795337