School Boundaries

School attendance is determined by your address.  To determine what school you should attend please use the school eligibility application.

WCI Boundary Map

Online Registration

Students new to our board please go to Register for Programs with WRDSB  in order to pre-register for the upcoming school year.  WRDSB students Grade 9-12 wishing to transfer need to see their current schools Vice Principal to request a Principal to Principal transfer.   Grade 8 students please complete the Student Registration form below and provide supporting documents to the school.


Registration Supporting Documents

The following documentation is required to register students in secondary schools:

  • Proof of Age e.g. birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport
  • Proof of Custody where applicable e.g. Custody orders, court ordered Guardianship.
  • Proof of Address e.g. a copy of residence property tax bill or a utility bill containing parent/guardian name and address of residence or a copy of offer to purchase a residence or a copy of lease/rental agreement for a residence.
  • Ontario Student Transcript from the student’s present/previous school or a Credit Counselling Summary (CCS) or most recent report card.
  • Immunization Record can now be submitted on-line. 

Please contact the school to schedule a registration appointment and arrange to pick-up an information package. 519-884-9590 ext. 5520

Student Registration Form

International Students

Students new to Canada/Ontario/Waterloo Region whose first language is not English are asked to contact the Welcome Centre to arrange an appointment for an assessment prior to registering with the school.

The Welcome Centre is located at Margaret Avenue Public School, 325 Louisa Street, Kitchener. Directions to the Welcome Centre
Please call 519-576-3018 or e-mail: to book an assessment appointment. Assessments are by appointment only and cannot accommodate walk-ins.
Please  bring proof of immigration, passport and proof of address.  If you are NOT a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident, you must contact Andi Thiessen-Regehr at the Board Office 519-570-0003 Ext 4350 or apply on line in the international students link to make an appointment with her to receive a letter of admission.  The Welcome Centre cannot do an assessment until they have received the letter of admission from the Board Office.

International  Students wishing to register with a Visa, Study Permit, Refugee Claim, parents on a Work Permit, Exchange Students or in application of Permanent Residence  must contact our International Admissions and Enrolment department by e-mail at for an appointment. Please complete the application at   Andi Thiessen-Regehr will review your application and ensure required documents are accurate prior to setting up an appointment for registration.   For Visa students applying, the board must receive payment prior to registering with us.

To learn more about the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements, planning for graduation and post-secondary opportunities in Ontario, please view the WCI – Graduation Planning Presentation for International Students.