WCI’s Magnet Programs

WCI offers a variety of Magnet Programs:

Please view the Magnet Program Criteria Handout to learn more about boundary eligibility and our process for interested students in our Magnet programs.

PLEASE NOTE: For Students entering Extended French, Strings, or ELD/ESL, who are currently in Grade 8 Programs supporting these areas, there is NO acceptance process required.  You are eligible for the Magnet Programs based on your address being within the WCI magnet boundaries.  Your Grade 8 Guidance Counsellor will provide more details about how to register in these programs.

WCI Grade 8 to 9 Selection Timelines for 2020-2021

Information about the Pre-AP Application is available on the Pre-AP page.

Please note that acceptance into a Magnet Program from an ‘out-of-boundary school’ requires the student to fulfill a minimum two year commitment to that Magnet Program. WCI Boundaries