WCI’s Magnet ELD/ESL Program

Waterloo Collegiate’s Magnet English Literacy Development (ELD)/ English as a Second Language (ESL) Program provides a welcoming environment for students new to Canada. One of the major components of the program is to accurately assess and place students in the appropriate level of program upon arrival. Our mandate is to ensure continual guidance support to ensure students meet the Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements. The ELL program allows students to work at their own level with the aim of offering a smooth transition into regular English classes as well as continuing the acculturation process by providing a variety of Canadian experiences.

Grade 9 course selections will be completed with the help of your Grade 8 teacher or guidance counsellor.

ESL Course Offerings

ESL Language Courses:

ESLAOI- Beginning Communication in English, Level 1, Open
ESLBOI- English in Daily Life, Level 2, Open
ESLCOI- English for School and Work, Level 3, Open
ESLDOI- Study Skills in English, Level 4, Open
ESLEOI- Bridge to English, Level 5, Open

Grade 9 English Language Learner (ESL) Options:

BTT1OZ- Introduction to Information Technology in Business, Open
CGC1DZ- Issues in Canadian Geography, Academic
CGC1PZ- Issues in Canadian Geography, Applied
FSF1PZ-Beginner French, Applied
GLS1OZ- Learning Strategies – Teacher Recommendation
HIF1OZ- Exploring Family Studies, Open
MFM1PZ- Foundations of Mathematics, Applied
SNC1DZ- Science, Academic
SNC1PZ- Science, Applied

Grade 10 ESL Options:

BTT2OZ- Introduction to Information Technology in Business, O
CHC2DZ- Canadian History in the Twentieth Century, Academic
CHC2PZ- Canadian History in the Twentieth Century, Applied
CHV2OZ- Civics, Open (0.5 credit)
ELS2OZ- Literacy Skills:  Reading and Writing, O
GLC2OZ- Career Studies, Open (0.5 credit)
HFN2OZ- Food and Nutrition, O
MFM2PZ- Foundations of Mathematics, Applied
MPM2DI- Foundations of Mathematics, Academic
SNC2DZ- Science, Academic
SNC2PZ- Science, Applied

Grade 11/12 ESL Options:

AVI3OZ-Visual Arts for Senior ELL
GLS4OZ- Advanced Learning Strategies (TOEFL)
SVN3MZ- Environmental Science, U/C