If You Attend a WRDSB Grade 7/8 Strings Program:

If you currently are attending a WRDSB school that traditionally offers a Grade 7/8 Strings Program, NO further action is required as students are automatically enrolled in the Strings Magnet Program.

If You DO NOT Attend a WRDSB Grade 7/8 Strings Program:

The Strings Magnet Program is a WRDSB recognized Magnet Program, which means qualified students within and outside the WCI boundary are eligible to enter the program.  Eligible students must have one of the following ‘home’ secondary schools: EDSS, FHCI, KCI, SJAMSS, WCI or WODSS. Your ‘home’ secondary school is based on your address, regardless of whether you attended a public, Catholic or private school for Grade 8. Please confirm your ‘home’ secondary school.

If you do NOT attend a WRDSB school that traditionally offers a Grade 7/8 Strings Program, and your ‘home’ secondary school is one of EDSS, FHCI, KCI, SJAMSS, WCI or WODSS, please complete the following TWO (2) steps to submit a Strings Magnet Application Form:

(1) Complete the “Strings Magnet Application Form” by January 12th, 2021.

(2) You must also submit a letter from your private strings teacher to complete your Strings Magnet Application registration:

  • Please submit a SINGLE PDF – multiple files will not be accepted. Use either an email scan to create a SINGLE PDF OR an app like Cam Scanner to create ONE PDF file.
  • Please email your Strings Teacher Letter PDF to: matthew_piche@wrdsb.ca by January 12, 2021.
    • Be sure to include:
      1. how long you have been taking lessons;
      2. what you are working on (i.e. basic hand shapes in first position, scales you are playing, bow technique, etc); and
      3. your current playing level (i.e. current piece indicating the method book or RMC equivalent).
  • Please use the subject name: Last Name, First Name (School) – Strings Teacher Letter
  • Please ensure your single PDF file is named as follows: Last Name, First Name (School) – Strings Teacher Letter (E.g. Piche, Matthew (WCI Public School) – Strings Teacher Letter)

Failure to upload your files in the above format could result in the application not being processed. The  deadline to register is Tuesday, January 12th, 2021.  In the case of an audition also being required, you will be contacted by the school and auditions will be scheduled the last week of January.

All qualified applicants will be accepted via this process. You will only be contacted if there are concerns with your application.

Acceptance of your offer to the Strings program must be received by Thursday, February 4th, 2021. 

Goals and Achievements of the Strings Program:

The Waterloo Collegiate Strings Program is focused around the development of a broad range of musical skills, with performance being the main vehicle for learning. A high standard of performance is achieved in the classroom through the careful sequencing and integration of music theory, music history, ear training and listening skills, creative composing and arranging, in addition to authentic and exciting interpretations of original repertoire.

One of the hallmarks of the Waterloo Collegiate Strings Program is its outstanding extra-curricular Strings Orchestra program. Waterloo Collegiate has a long history of excellence in both its Junior and Senior Strings Orchestras, consistently taking home top awards at both international and regional competitions.

If you have any questions, or are registering at WCI from another school board or a private school, please contact our Music Department at matthew_piche@wrdsb.ca or by phone 519-884-9590 ext. 4450.