Welcome to Vikings Student Activities!

At Waterloo Collegiate, we’re very proud of the wide range of opportunities we offer for students to get involved.   If you ask any adult what they remember most about high school. Very few will mention the academics. Instead, they talk about the athletics, music/drama productions and clubs that they were part of. Through these activities, you will meet new friends, get to know your teachers in a different way, learn new ideas and develop important teamwork and leadership skills. Most importantly, your time at WCI will be the best years of your life – so far!

Each year, new and exciting activities begin at WCI.  We want every Viking to feel like they are a valued part of our school community.  If you’d like to find out how to start an event or organization, drop by the Student Activities Office.   Please check out all the clubs, events and celebrations that we offer.

Check out our google website for all of our clubs.