Course Selection Process 2020-2021: Current WCI Students 

  • Course selections for 2020-2021 must be entered online on MyWay  by Wed., Feb. 19th, 2020.
  • Students are to bring a SIGNED printed copy of their MyWay course selections to submit on Thurs., Feb. 20th, 2020 for “Course Selection Sheet Collection Day”. Classes will come to the library to hand-in their forms.
  • Complete the WCI Course Selection Planning Worksheet by selecting your compulsory courses & entering your elective courses; have it with you when entering your courses online to ensure you have the exact code selected.
  • Review the secondary school Graduation Requirements to assist in course selections.
  • Counsellors are able to assist you in making careful, appropriate choices. Please book an appointment on the Guidance webpage. Counsellors are available throughout the exam break as well to meet with students.

Consider diploma requirements, prerequisite courses, interests and abilities. Please research and refer to your Credit Counselling Summary (CCS) to assist with the appropriate choices.

The final responsibility for course selection lies with parents/guardians and students.
There is limited opportunity to change courses once the timetable is set and classes are full.

Course Selection Materials 2020-2021: Current WCI Students

WCI Course Selection Calendar 2020-2021

  • The Course Calendar lists all WCI course offerings and the prerequisites.

WCI Course Descriptions 2020-2021

  • Refer to the “WCI Course Descriptions” to  learn more about each course from WCI teachers.

WCI Course Selection Planning Worksheet – 2020

Grade 9-12 My Way Student Instructions

WCI’s MyBlueprint_ Getting Started Guide for Students

GRADE 10-12 ELD Course Selection Form 2020-2021

Course Selection Presentations 2020-2021: Current WCI Students

Grade 9 Course Selection Assembly (2020)

Grade 10 Course Selection Classroom Visits (2020)

Grade 11 to 12 Course Selection Assembly (2020)

Grade 12 (5th Year & Graduating) Course Selection Assembly (2020)

Course Selection Materials 2020-2021: Grade 8 Students 

WCI GRADE 9 ONLY – Course Selection Calendar 2020-2021

Grade 9 Course Selection Worksheet 2020-2021

ESL Grade 9 Course Selection Worksheet 2020-2021

ELD Grade 9 Course Selection Form 2020-2021

Grade 8 MyWay Student Instructions

WCI Grade 8 to 9 Selection Timelines for 2020-2021

Magnet Program Criteria Handout