Header Image: "Colourful Minded" Lania Philia Terisno, 2018

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Welcome to the WCI Visual Arts Department homepage.  Our department is proud to offer a variety of fine arts, digital and darkroom photography, and media arts courses to engage different types of creative learners.  Fine art studio courses will teach students both traditional and emerging artistic practices.  Digital and darkroom photography will teach students technical camera skills and composition aesthetics.  Media arts will teach students a variety of video and post-production techniques.  The teachers in our department offer an impressive range of multi-disciplinary arts-based education, professional experience, and passion.  We are confident that our courses will engage learners of all abilities in a unique way that fosters self-expression, critical thinking, and life-long transferable skills.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas


Mr. K. Bishop

Ms. C. Jackson-Grupp

Mrs. E. Kalinowski (Department Head)

Mrs. I. Lizon

Mrs. S. McGonegal

Art Department Office: Room 126


New Course Offering for 2018/2019:

AVI3O Grade 11 Visual Arts (open)  “The Mural Painting Course”

Students in this course will participate in a school beautification project.  This course is available to all students (any level, any grade, with no pre-requisite).  See Mrs. Kalinowski for more information!

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Visual Arts Photography Media Arts
Grade 9

Grade 9 Visual Arts (open)


Grade 10

Grade 10 Visual Arts (open)


Grade 11


Grade 11 Visual Arts (open) AVI3OI (new!)

Grade 11 Visual Arts (university/college preparation)


Grade 11 Photography (open)



Grade 11 Media Arts (university/college preparation)



Grade 12

Grade 12 Visual Arts (university/college preparation)


Grade 12 Photography (university/college preparation)



Grade 12 Media Arts (university/college preparation)



Extra-Curricular Art

Club/Activity Staff Location
Art & Photo Club Mrs. Lizon & Mrs. Kalinowski 124
Set Design Painting Mrs. McGonegal 124
Arts & Crafts Club Ms. Harris  124
Arts & Culture Festival – Visual Arts Mrs. Kalinowski 124
Special Events/Productions Art Department at Large Link


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WCI Artist Accomplishments


A WCI Visual Arts Department Collaboration 2018/2019

A shared learning experience and visual message between all visual arts, photography, and media arts classes at WCI.  By working together in large, collaborative groups, students investigated how to overcome challenges and were explicitly taught the importance of resiliency as student and citizens.  Students created art that demonstrated grit and resilience either through the subject matter or conquering a challenging technique or medium.  Artwork was displayed at WCI in the main foyer, main hallway, library, and art department hallways in February/March (semester 1 GRIT) and June/September (semester 2 GRIT).  #GRIT

Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day Poster Contest 2018/2019


Passion United

May 11, 2018

A Visual Art Exhibit featuring WRDSB secondary visual arts students in collaboration with Conestoga College School of Media & Design.  Featuring WCI Strings and SJAM Jazz Ensemble.  Sponsored by SHSM and SpeakUp.  Throughout 2017/2018, Visual Arts department heads and teachers collaborated to support student achievement and graduation rates by encouraging choice and voice.  Coined “The Passion Project,” visual arts, photography, and media arts courses worked together to explore autonomous art practices to produce independent, self-directed projects.  All projects were included in an all-inclusive digital exhibition and a jury of art staff selected the pieces to be in exhibition.  #unitedpassion18



Arts & Culture Festival March 2018 – WCI Brush Off (Speed Painting)

OSSTF “Marion Drysdale Student Achievement Award ” Visual Arts B-1 Intermediate 2018

Anna  (grade 10), “Diptych: Multiplicity Photography & Oil Painting,” digital photography & oil paint on canvas (District 24 Winner)

Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day Poster Contest 2017/2018

Cambridge Fall Fair 2017

Anna & Katherine

Mental Health & Well Being Department-Wide Collaboration 2016/2017:

(well) Art Exhibit


OSSTF “Marion Drysdale Student Achievement Award ” Visual Arts B-1 Intermediate 2017


Janet T (grade 9), “Painful Beauty,” graphite on stonehenge (District 24 Winner)


Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day Poster Contest 2016


Annika O-H – grade 10 (1st place, Black & White Artwork)


Jeonghyeon L – grade 11 (1st place, Colour Artwork)


Janet T – grade 9 (2nd place, Colour Artwork)


Menatallah T – grade 11 (3rd place, Black & White Artwork)

Wanlin F – grade 11 (4th place, Black & White Artwork)


Ethan g – grade 9 (4th place, Colour Artwork)

November 11, 2016 Remembrance Day Digital Art Exhibition video link