Student Council consists of elected and appointed students working together to make students life at WCI better. Student Council leads committees of students elected from each homeroom at the beginning of the year. These Student Council reps are responsible for informing their classes of all the great events going on within the school. Their work is vital in giving all of the students in the school an opportunity to get involved.

Waterloo Collegiate has a proud history of active, dedicated student leaders who, because of their many contributions, are highly respected members of the school community.

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Student Council Executive – ABCD

ABCD is the executive group which directs student government at WCI. The acronym, “ABCD”, represents the Board of Control and Athletic Directorate that make up our student government. A position on ABCD is a fantastic way to develop leadership skills, meet new people and make a lasting contribution to the WCI community. For more information on how to get involved in Student Leadership, talk to Ms. Jilesen- Director of Student Activities and current members of ABCD.

For students who wish to take on a significant leadership role in the school and develop their leadership skills there are two ways to become an ABCD member. You can either run in Student Council elections in April of the previous year, or you can sign up for the Leadership course and be appointed to a committee in the weeks following the Student Council Elections.

The Leadership course for first year students code is IDC3O, second year students IDC4O and third year students IDC4UX

The members of the 2022-23 Student Council Elected Executive (ABCD) are as follows:

Role Name
Co-Mayor Jackie Dent
Co-Mayor Jude Malo
Wellness Director Erika Tjandra
Wellness Director Elliot Steinman
Wellness Director Dimpi Modi
Arts Directors Daniel Jennewein
Arts Directors Gemma Kellerman Boot
Athletics Directors Ernie Bae
Athletics Directors Jair Samuels
Athletics Directors Ella Maier
Athletics Directors Rowan Imeson Joma
Student Life Director Olivia Pretty
Student Life Director Nil Aksu
Student Life Director Abdulmajid Abdulmajid
Events Director Sam Durbin
Events Director Dacia Chin
Events Director Lauren Artt
Social Media Social Director Aynaz Moksud
Social Media Social Director Suha Elmugam
Social Justice Director Sarah Bateman
Tech Director Noah Snow
Tech Director Tristan Olenewa