Student Council (ABCD – made up of the Board of Control and the Athletic Directorate) consists of elected and appointed students working together to make students life at WCI better. ABCD leads committees of students elected from each homeroom at the beginning of the year. These Student Council reps are responsible for informing their classes of all the great events going on within the school. Their work is vital in giving all of the students in the school an opportunity to get involved.

Waterloo Collegiate has a proud history of active, dedicated student leaders who, because of their many contributions, are highly respected members of the school community.

Student Council Executive – ABCD

ABCD is the executive group which directs student government at WCI. The acronym, “ABCD”, represents the Board of Control and Athletic Directorate that make up our student government. A position on ABCD is a fantastic way to develop leadership skills, meet new people and make a lasting contribution to the WCI community. For more information on how to get involved in Student Leadership, talk to Mr. Nickel- Director of Student Activities and current members of ABCD.

For students who have demonstrated leadership contributions and who wish to take on a significant leadership role in the school, there are two ways to become an ABCD member. You can either run in Student Council elections in April of the previous year, or you can apply for an appointed position in the weeks following the Student Council Elections.

The members of the 2013-14 Student Council Executive (ABCD) are as follows:

Role Name
Co-Mayor Mitch Phillips
Co-Mayor Mike Williams
Boys Athletic Commissioner Matt Fish
Girls Athletic Commissioner Kaitlyn Bentz
Activities Controller Mark Cao
Arts Controller Kate Schneider
Assemblies Director Brent Simpson
Assemblies Director Nikolas Paradis
Awards Director Danielle Sauve
Awards Director Etai Mizrahi
Awards Director Trevor Ranton
Charities Controller Camryn Berry
Charities Controller Emma Cohen
Charities Controller Sydney Potts
Communications Controller Lucas Cherkewski
Environment Controller Paul Turner
Environment Controller Rishika Geda
Equity & Inclusion Coordinator Devin Frede
Equity & Inclusion Coordinator Heather Zech
Events Controller Callie Tucker
Executive Assistant Thomas Rowlands
General Services Controller Shannon Moore
Grad Club Director Emily Kim
Health & Well-Being Coordinator Megan McGrinder
Health & Well-Being Coordinator Wennie Zhang
Human Relations Controller George Lu
Human Relations Controller Tianyu Guo
Human Rights Coordinator Gabrielle Feldmann
Jr. Activities Director Owen Kerr
Jr. Arts Controller Nina Fereiro
Jr. Events Director Madison Denomme
Jr. Public Relations Director Michael Frazer
Public Relations Controller George Utsin
Publicity Director Allie Fong
Publicity Director Annabelle Pfeifle
Publicity Director Emily Nighman
Special Events Coordinator Sonja Katanic
Spirit Director Duncan Manning
Spirit Director Salim Bagabe
Student Life Coordinator Hayley Birss
Student Life Coordinator Michael Strban
Technical Controller Leighton Zink
Technical Controller Steven Ens
VIP Coordinator Megan Tse
VIP Coordinator Rachel Deiterding
VIP Coordinator Taylor Walker