Office Hours:  Monday to Friday 7:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Students can now make appointments electronically by clicking the Online Booking Link attached to their counsellor’s name, below.

Parents who wish to make an appointment or speak with their student’s counsellor are asked to continue the current practice of calling or emailing that counsellor.


Counsellor Phone Extension Student Surname Alpha Online Booking Link E-Mail
M. Cowburn 5525 D-F, J, K, M, Z M. Cowburn
L. Crosby 5528 A, B, U, X – AP Co-Ordinator L. Crosby
L. Gowing 5528 G-I, L, O L. Gowing

A. McCarl Palmer

Semester 2

5527 N, P, R, V, Y A. McCarl Palmer
D. Ranton 5526 C, Q, S, T, W D. Ranton
L. Schulze 5529 ELD L. Schulze

J. Wesson

Semester 1

5527 N, P, R, V, Y J. Wesson
 L. Yu-Williams 5530  YMCA Settlement Worker        Available Mon. afternoons, Tues, Wed., Thu. & Fri.
A. Pelkman 5520 Guidance Administrative  Services

Registration – Setting up Appointment

Please call the school (519) 884-9590 extension 5520 to set up a registration appointment with a Vice Principal and Counsellor.

Ms. Janke (Alpha A-E), Ms. Litschgy (Alpha F-L) or Mr. Chapman (Alpha M-Z).