Hello Vikings!  The Guidance team is excited to welcome you back to the 2020-21 school year! 

Parents/Guardians: if you are looking to contact a teacher directly, please refer to the WCI Staff List.

Students: if you haven’t joined the Guidance Classrooms, please do so for your grade (it will be the same Classroom throughout your high school experience at WCI).  Lots of information is posted about course selection information, scholarships, volunteer & job opportunities, mental health resources, and more!

WCI Guidance Classroom Codes:
Grade 9: auxgcah
Grade 10: dyrvca2
Grade 11: cqenpby
Grade 12 & 5th year: vdswyhq

Please note that only virtual or phone meetings will be available with your Guidance Counsellor during this time.

Counsellor Phone Extension Student Surname Alpha Online Booking Link E-Mail
A. McCarl Palmer 5527 A A. McCarl Palmer Ashley_MccarlPalmer@wrdsb.ca
L. Crosby 5526 B, C, R &
AP Co-ordinator
L. Crosby Lauren_Crosby@wrdsb.ca
M. Cowburn – Dept. Head 5525 D, E, F, J, K, M, N

M. Cowburn

Google Meet Code

L. Gowing 5528 G, H, I, L L. Gowing Lindsay_Gowing@wrdsb.ca
L. Nosal 5524 O, P, Q, S, T L. Nosal Lindsay_Nosal@wrdsb.ca
L. Cresswell (*Quad 3 & 4) 5530 Quad 1 & 2:
U, V:
Ms. Crosby
W – Weil: Mrs. Gowing
Weir – Wu: Ms. Nosal
X: Mrs. McCarl Palmer
Y, Z: Mrs. Cowburn
L. Cresswell Lucia_Cresswell@wrdsb.ca
L. Schulze 5529 ELD L. Schulze Lynn_Schulze@wrdsb.ca
 L. Yu-Williams  YMCA Settlement Worker
Available Mon. afternoons, Tues, Wed., Thu. & Fri.
A. Pelkman 5520 Guidance Administrative  Services Angela_Pelkman@wrdsb.ca
Mrs. Janke 5513 A – F, S – V, Z VP Appointment Request pauline_janke@wrdsb.ca 
Ms. Litschgy 5511 G – R, W – Y VP Appointment Request erika_litschgy@wrdsb.ca 

Please call Angela Pelkman at (519) 884-9590 extension 5520 to set up a registration appointment with a Vice-Principal and Counsellor.

Students & Families: We’ve put together a document of Combined Community Resources List. The document contains information about:

– Mental health supports and contacts at WCI,
– Community mental health and counselling resources,
– Community sexual health resources,
– Food banks and nutrition-for-learning pop-up snacks information, and
– Educational resources.