WCI Changes to Semester Timetable

Community Update #1, September 2014


I am excited to announce to our WCI parent and student community that we are changing to a Semester schedule in September 2015.  Following many years of consideration and consultation with staff, School Council, and WRDSB Senior Administration I have decided to move the schedule of the school to a semester format.  I am confident that this new schedule will provide new opportunities for our 21st century students to help them meet their educational goals, and that our school will continue to thrive, evolve and work towards Excelsior in this new format. 

The majority of secondary schools in the Waterloo Region District School Board, and in the province of Ontario as a whole, have moved towards a semester model. In a non-semester schedule, students typically work on 8 credits for a full school year, whereas in a semester model, students work on 4 credits for the first half of the school year, complete those credits, and then begin a second series of 4 credits for the second half of the school year. 

We are taking time this school year to ensure an effective implementation plan.  In the months ahead, we will communicate important information on:

1.     How the semester timetable works.

2.     How we can work together to ensure individual students’ needs are met.

3.     How you and your student can plan for a post-secondary goal or pathway in a semester school. 

The forms of communication we will use are as follows:

·        Semester Information Nights – the first night will be Sept. 25, 2014, and a second information night on course selection and pathway planning will occur later in the school year, date to be determined.

·        Website Information – short information items on the Semester system, and answers to FAQ’s.

·        Information Materials – these will be distributed as needed to WCI students in their period A class.

·        Use of the WCI school ‘phoner’ – automated calls will update WCI households of Semester Information Nights, and notify when important print materials have been distributed.

·        School Council – the parent members of the WCI school council will receive monthly updates on our implementation progress, and 2 members of the parent community will participate in our Semester Implementation Committee.

Jennifer Shortreed

 Principal WCI