Switzerland 2019

Who can participate?

Any Grade 10-12 student taking any French course next year, in good standing


Western Switzerland (Geneva, Bern, Yverdon-les-Bains, Lausanne, Montreux, Sion …)


We go to Switzerland March 5-15, 2019; we are hoping to host Swiss students in the spring of 2019.

How much?

Approximately $3626.00 for 30 students; $3829.00 for 26 students, with the homestay


The WRDSB has given us approval in principle for our trip but we have recently learned that our current Swiss school  is not able to provide homestays.  We must reconfigure this aspect of the trip.  This work will take place over the summer.  Once this arrangement is finalized, the first payment will be accepted.  The payment schedule will have 3 installments:  September and November 2018, and January 2019.


Highlights include:

  • tours of Cailler chocolate and Gruyère cheesemaking facilities
  • a cable car ride up Mont Veysonnaz in the Swiss Alps
  • a visit with the lifesaving Saint Bernard dogs at the Barry Foundation Hospice
  • the beautiful Château de Chillon in Montreux on Lake Geneva
  • Albert Einstein’s house in Bern where he discovered the theory of special relativity in 1905


And of course, all our tours will be on time, thanks to the Swiss tradition of fine watches and clocks!

For more information please contact Mme Rosemary Berndt (rosemary_berndt@wrdsb.ca)