Today, the Guidance Department held a Course Selection Assembly for EACH grade.  All of the handouts, presentations and deadlines can be found on Guidance’s “Course Selection Information” webpage.

The deadline to select courses on MyWay for the 2020-2021 school year is: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19th!

Students need to PRINT their “MyWay Course Selection Sheet” and bring it to school on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20th!

Please note: MyWay opens on MONDAY,  JANUARY 13th!

If your student missed the assembly, please encourage them to read through their specific grade’s “Course Selection Presentation” so that your student doesn’t miss any key information.

We have moved the assemblies earlier this year so that students have more time to discuss course selections with their families and meet with Guidance Counsellors.  Students can book an appointment on the Guidance page.

Guidance has created a Google Classroom for each grade where information is posted about course selections, as well as volunteer and job opportunities, bursaries and scholarships, etc. Please encourage your student to join their specific grade’s classroom if they haven’t already.

Google Classrooms codes for each grade:
Grade 9: ndvh3tn​
Grade 10: wfsj2j
Grade 11: xk4m40p
Grade 12/12+: hbvgkc