For students enrolled in eLearning courses this year, there will be no physical eLearning Student Orientation in a congregated fashion. Instead, a brand new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Student Orientation course has been developed in the WRDSB VLE.

Every WRDSB secondary student has been enrolled in this course and have access using the following link:


Students will see it automatically via their “My Courses” there and labelled “VLE Orientation – Secondary Students”. Students are expected to work through the eLearning Orientation independently.

By working through the Content pages in the orientation, students will learn how to use the WRDSB VLE, as well as tips on developing a learning portfolio, and understanding digital citizenship.

All students are encouraged to reference this page for how to set up their Chromebook: Chromebook Setup

A video has also been created to supported learners with regard to accessing the platform: VLE Orientation Intro For Secondary Students

Please also note that eLearn classes in the WRDSB are running for the full length of a semester (or full quadmester for Civics and Careers) and are not quadmestered like other classes.

If you have questions, or difficultly logging into or navigating the platform contact your guidance counselor, or your VP, who will ensure that you are connected with direct supports and resources.