Student FAQs

Q: Can I take a grade 11 course in grade 10?

A:  Yes!  Senior Level geography courses such as “Introduction to Spatial Technologies” (CGO 3OI) and “Travel and Tourism” (CGG 3OI) can be taken in your grade 10, 11 or 12 year.

Q: I’m not good at maps!  Will I have a problem in Geography?

A: While maps are certainly a tool that we use frequently, there is so much more to Geography.   In Geography we learn to look at the world around us in a variety of different ways.  For example, when we study issues like climate change we want to look at the impacts on people, the environment, the economy and on politics.  Maps help us to understand those impacts but aren’t the only way. We only use digital maps in a A geographic information system (GIS) know as Arcgis online

Q: I love learning about places around the world.  Is there a course for that?

A: Yes!  We recommend that you take “CGG3OI: Travel and Tourism”.