In order to accommodate the development and enhancement of technology in today’s global presence, WCI embraces technology as an essential part of today’s learning. Therefore, we will encourage and guide our students to realize the impact and benefits of technological devices in today’s educational and workplace communities.

Students are permitted to possess cell phones/laptops in the classroom setting, provided the outlined policies are adhered to with respect and appreciation. Students are fully responsible for their own devices, whether lost, stolen or damaged.

The cell phone usage policy applies to any device (whether school-supplied or personally owned) that:
  • Makes or receives phone calls
  • Leaves messages
  • Sends text messages
  • Surfs the Internet
  • Downloads & allows for the reading of and responding to email

The use of camera phones is strictly forbidden in private areas: locker rooms, washrooms, dressing areas, at any time. Such use would be in violation of the Criminal Code and Privacy legislation and may be subject to internal and external disciplinary consequences.

Parents are encouraged to continue to call the school’s Main Office for any emergency situations. WCI will contact your son/daughter in class. Do not try to contact them by cell phone during school hours of 8:15am to 2:40pm.

Technology is permitted…

in the hallways, cafeteria and library, but must be used in a respectful manner.

Technology is Permitted in the Classroom with Teacher’s Permission for…
  • Digital Calendar
  • Laptop for Taking Notes
  • Calculator Functions
  • WRDSB Student Email
  • Technology for Research
  • Technology for class Discussion
  • Headphones for Individual Work
  • Paperless Submissions
  • Camera Functions only for Experiments and In-Class Assignments
Technology is NOT permitted…
  • To distract and/or interfere with others (games, loud music, cell phone ringing)
  • For cell phone use during class time
  • For instant messaging short forms in written assignments
  • For texting, social networking or personal email in class
  • For the purpose of cheating or plagiarizing
  • For the purpose of bullying or harassing others
  • Camera functions are prohibited in private areas: washrooms, locker rooms/dressing rooms, or without privacy permissions