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We are excited to offer Dramatic Arts courses at all grade levels at WCI.  Students may start their Dramatic Arts career at WCI in either Grade 9 or Grade 10 as both courses are introductory.  As well, students may take both Grade 9 and Grade 10 Drama for full credit, as the courses offer different content.

Students in Grade 11 Drama have already taken either Grade 9 or Grade 10 Drama and students in Grade 12 Drama have Grade 11 as a prerequisite.

In the past, students in Senior Level Drama classes have performed for their peers in assemblies at WCI, created full productions for public viewing, and toured community venues, including Waterloo City Hall.

Dramatic Arts students report that drama classes are fun and exciting, offer great creative opportunities, and help them in their communication skills in all of their endeavours.

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ADA 1OI (Grade 9 Drama)
This course emphasizes the active exploration of dramatic forms and techniques, using material from a wide range of authors, genres, and cultures. The study of dramatic arts provides students with an opportunity to take on roles, to create and enter into imagined worlds, and to learn in a unique way about themselves, the art of drama, and the world around them.

ADA 2OI (Grade 10 Drama)
The Grade 10 Dramatic Arts course requires students to explore dramatic forms and techniques, using their own ideas and concerns as well as ideas in sources selected from a wide range of genres, texts (used in the broadest sense), forms and cultures. Student learning includes the identification and use of the elements of time, place, role/character, dramatic situation/tension, and structure in creating, sustaining and communicating authentic drama. Students assume responsibility for decisions made in the creation and presentation of the drama, and analyse and reflect on the experience.

ADA 3MI (Grade 11 Drama, University/College Prep)
Prerequisite: Dramatic Arts, Grade 9 or 10 

This course builds upon the skills introduced and explored in Grades 9 and 10. Students apply skills and research various acting styles when preparing both original work and selected scripts. Students explore theatre conventions and are introduced to the works of selected major playwrights from the turn of the 20th century. Script analysis prepares students for dramatic presentations, and exploration of the many roles in theatre production introduces students to the professions associated with theatre. Building upon cooperative skills and creative collaboration, students work within the culture of building an ensemble and experience the creative dynamics of a theatre company. They develop research skills through independent study.

ADA 4MI (Grade 12 Drama, University College Prep)
Prerequisite: Dramatic Arts, Grade 11

This course requires students to experiment with forms and conventions in dramatic literature, and to create/adapt and present dramatic works. Students will do research on dramatic forms, conventions, themes, and theories of acting and directing from different historical periods, and apply their knowledge of these in analysing and interpreting dramatic literature, including Canadian works and works from various cultures in the late twentieth century. Students will also examine the significance of dramatic arts in various cultures. This course also engages students in active learning. They apply their theory and knowledge in genuine theatrical contexts by working as actors, playwrights, and discerning audience members. The intent of the course is to make learning experiential to the greatest extent possible, while meeting the academic demands presented by the expectations and suitable for the university/college destinations of students taking the course.