If a teacher has their own website, their name will appear as a link that will take you directly to their site.

Miss Amaral: ENG4UI

Mrs. Crowell (Department Head): ENG1DW, ENG4UI, ENG4UW

Mrs. Campbell: ENG2DW

Mrs. Doelman (Assistant Head of Department): ENG1DI

Ms. Henrich: ENG1PI, ENG3CI, ENG3UI

Ms. Jackman:  ADA1OI, ENG1DI, ENG2DI, EWC4C/UI

Ms. Knox: ENG3UI

Mr. Leeming: ENG2DI, ENG4UI

Mrs. Notarfranco: ENG1DI

Ms. Rasi: ENG4UI

Mr. Savard:  ENG1DW, ENG2PI, OLC4OI

Mr. Schichter: ENG2DI, ENG3UI, ENG4CI, ETS4UI

Ms. Urquhart: ENG3UW, ADA1OI, ADA2OI, ADA3/4MI

Mr. Waters:  ENG3CI